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Career Opportunity for Vietnamese (Major in Civil Engineering)

2012 Career Opportunities

MIDAS IT has unique opportunities for highly motivated structural/geotechnical/mechanical engineers who are ready to
take a step forward in their careers. Be part of our growing engineering CAE development company at our Seoul office.  

MIDAS IT is the world’s largest CAE software developer in the civil structural and geotechnical engineering fields. The
company is involved in civil/structural/mechanical engineering software development along with technical support for
analysis & design related to the use of the company’s proprietary software.

 Please send us your resume and a cover letter to


1. Position: Bridge and Geotechnical, Mechanical Engineer (3-positions)

2. Location: Seoul, Korea

3. Description:

 1) Responsibilities: 

     As a Technical Support Engineer, you will work as part of a team to provide outstanding
Engineering Technical Support and Customer Service on a wide range of engineering and
software-related issues. The focus will be placed on the use of the company’s software products
applied to the analysis and design of bridges and geotechnical structures, which include midas
Civil, midas GTS and midas NFX.  

For this role, you will:

. Learn and understand the bridge and geotechnical engineering software products and services in detail in order to demonstrate them to clients through face-to-face and on-line environments
. Provide technical support and training to distributors and client engineers
. Verify reported software issues and report them to the developers

 2) Qualifications

. BS in Civil Engineering necessary, Master’s degree in Civil Engineering preferred
with bridge (structural) and/or geotechnical or mechanical emphasis
. Permanent Vietnam Residents Only


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