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President of UoU, Elected President of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, two years in of의 첨부된 사진(이미지) no.29
President of UoU, Elected President of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, two years in of
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President of UoU, elected President of

the National Academy of Engineering of Korea,

two years in office 




 The President of UoU, Dr. Do-yeoun Kim, has been elected as the next term President of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK) at the 27th annual meeting for the NAEK which was held at the Hotel Silla on December 16th. As a successor of the current president, Mr. Jong-Yong Youn, executive advisor of Samsung Electronics CO. Ltd, Dr. Kim will start his term in office of two years in January 2011.

Professor Oh-Kyoung Kwon, current Dean of The College of Engineering at Hanyang University, Dr. Dong-Hwa Kum, former President of KIST, Professor Tai-Yoo Kim, current Professor at The College of Engineering at Seoul National University, Dr. Jong-Kee Yeo, former President of LG Chem, Ltd, and Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee, Vice Chairman of the R & D Division of Hyundai Motor Company, have been elected respectively for the office of Vice President of NAEK.


President Kim expressed that the NAEK is the highest caliber organization in the engineering field.  The NAEK is comprised of highly qualified representatives from the leading businesses in the fields of engineering, industry and academics. He emphasized that all NAEK members’ capabilities will be used to the utmost, and will contribute to the cause of developing desirable alternatives to provide for the future technological development of Korea. The organization strives to work as a bridge between the government and private sectors.


During his two year term, President Kim plans to do the following:

     To secure Korea’s position in the global market by seizing opportunities to remain competitive.

     To set up a practical, incorporated system for developing growth in both the industrial and academic sectors.

     To play a key role in driving dynamic forces for new growth, and cultivating talented personnel for technology development.

     To maximize the potential for national growth with networking of political groups, economies, societies and cultures.

     To strive for an influx of high-potential personnel from the field of engineering technology.

     To raise the caliber of the colleges of engineering through building a cooperative system with ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea).


The NAEK aims to create an engineering culture, promote engineering technologies and advance engineering technological development. The organization was established on October 30, 1995 as an academic research & development organization, and President Kim has been devoted to his role as the Vice-president of NAEK in the two years since he was elected to the position on December, 2008.



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