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Delegation of Warsaw University of Technology의 첨부된 사진(이미지) no.34
Delegation of Warsaw University of Technology
작성일 2011.08.23 조회 25,520

                                                 Delegation of Warsaw University of Technology


   (Dr. Yi Chul as President of the University of Ulsan and Wlodzimierz Kurnik as President of Warsaw University of Technology posed in remembrance of the Academic Cooperation Agreement with officials from both schools in front of the main building.)


Ulsan Univ. had an Academic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony with Warsaw University of Technology, the most prestigious univ. in Poland.


After President Yi signed the Academic Coopreration Agreement with President Wlodzimierz Kurnik on June 2nd , he planned to operate a collaborative education program and research project with students, professors and faculties including three exchange students per year.


The Warsaw University of Technology is the most prestigious univ. in Poland, having a history of 185 years since its foundation in 1826. 32,000 students in 20 departments are currently attending that university.










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