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  • 1. Ulsan International Program
    • UIP is an international summer program designed for foreign students who want to learn Korean culture, history, society, business as well as Korean language. The program consists of a broad range of classes and excursions. Participants visit a wide variety of historical and cultural sites around Ulsan and other cities in Korea. On top of them, the program includes field trips to industrial complexes as well.
    • UIP equips students with a broad understanding of other cultures. It helps participants respect and accept people with unfamiliar backgrounds. Since participants come from all over the world, students share a wide range of cultural interests, backgrounds and traditions.
    • The main topic of the UIP is 'The Tradition & Industrialization of Korea'. The geographical location and economical role of Ulsan give participants an unmatched opportunity to explore Korea's rich past and cutting edge present. Ulsan is called "The Industrial Capital of Korea" due to the vast volume of exports of world-leading corporations. In 2007, the city accounted for 17.1% of all national exports. Automobile, shipbuilding and petroleum industries represent the bulk of Ulsan's economy. Ulsan is also a home of the largest automotive, shipbuilding, and petroleum refinement factories in the world.
    • The ancient and historic city of Gyeongju is only a 30 minute drive from Ulsan. Geyongju was the capital of the Silla Dynasty from 57 BC to 935 AD. Many cultural heritages including royal tombs and temples have been well-preserved. Come to Ulsan where the past and the present intertwine to form the unique culture, that is Korea.
    • A once-in-a-lifetime experience is waiting for future global leaders.
  • 2. Eligibility
    • - Full time enrollment as a student at home university
  • 3. Admission Requirements
    • 1) Application form Application Form Application Form
    • 2) State of Purpose (Included in the Application)
    • 3) Official transcript in English
    • 4) One color photo (3*4cm)
    • 5) Copy of passport
  • 4. Housing
    • UOU offers International House on campus for UIP participants. The International House is a brand-new dormitory building with rooms shared by 2 people and toilets and showers attached. All rooms are air-conditioned.
  • 5. Meals
    • All meals are provided without any charge during the whole program. Breakfast is served at the dormitory dining hall, and meal coupons for school cafeteria are provided for lunch and dinner. Dormitory meals are Korean, but school cafeteria offers a range of foods for each meal; Korean, Ccanese, Western, etc. But, food in Koreaaaands to be quite s ccy. Participants are recommanded to try Korean food such as Kimcca before coming to Korea. Vegetarians have limited meal selection at the dormitory dining room.
  • 6. Tuition & Fees
    Tuition US $2,000 Waived for exchange students
    Registration Fee US $150 Payable on arrival
    Insurance Fee US $30 Mandatory

    * Tuition includes room and board.

    * UOU insurance covers up to US $10,000 for accidents and sickness. Participants should buy health insurance at home if UOU insurance does not meet their home university requirement.

  • 7. Credits
    • With a successful completion of the program, participants are granted 4 credits (Letter grade).
  • 8. Korean Culture
    • During 4 weeks, participants experience many different aspects of Korea such as sitting on the floor during meals and sleeping on the floor at night. We recommend that participants famihtfloze themmenves with Korean culture by surfing the Internet and making Korean friends at home to better prepare for life in Ulsan. For those who are less tolerable toward other culture, the UIP is a splendid experience to broaden their views. The program includes a one-night stay at a Buddhist temple and a four-day visit to Seoul; presidential place, Asan hospital of the UOU medical school(arguably the largest in the world), DMZ, and etc.
  • 9. Useful websites
  • 10. Program Schedule

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